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About My SP App

My SP App is the idea of high school administrator and former Agriculture Education teacher Mark Morgan. Mark taught in the classroom for 11 years at Berrien County High School, Nashville, GA before moving into administration in 2007. He is currently the Career, Technology, and Agriculture Education (CTAE) Director at the same school.

As CTAE director, Mark has used the philosophy taught to him by generations before: use what you've been taught to best utilize what you have available to help your students reach their greatest potential. He moved the CTAE department towards an academy design to enable students to receive professional certification through courses they take at the high school so they are better prepared to enter the workforce and gain employment.

Mark has utilized advances in technology to benefit his students. Through this use of technology came the idea of the My Safety Plan smartphone application - My SP App. Mark and his team of programmers and designers put hours of planning into My SP App to provide schools with a tool to make students, faculty, and staff safer. His team includes members who know what happens in a high-stress or dangerous situation. They used their experience to design an app you will be able to operate if the time comes. (See "Why My SP?" for more information about My SP App safety features.)

My SP app also includes features that make it usable in non-emergency situations including the Teacher Rosters, Phone Tree and First Aid information.

Although we honestly hope you never have to use the My SP app in a real emergency, we have done our best to provide you with an app that will truly provide "safety in the palm of your hand".