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Premium My SP Apps are customized to include your schools logo, safety plans, first aid information, safety maps, and emergency phone tree.
Each of your safety plans has its own icon. Tapping an icon will open the plan on its own page.
Standard and Premium My SP Apps have icons for each class so teachers can manage each roster indiviudually. Rosters can be edited at any time and completely changed each year, semester, or quarter.
Teachers can add or delete students at any time. During an emergency, teachers can keep up with their attendance on their own phone by marking individual students absent and/or adding other students in their care at the time of the emergency.
Your app will include your customized first aid information.
Your app will include links to all of your safety maps. Tapping a map icon will open that map in the screen.
Standard and premium My SP Apps include your emergency phone tree. Most phones will allow you to dial the numbers directly from the app.