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We have the experience to keep you safe.

Our number one purpose at My SP is to protect students, faculty, and staff.  My SP provides customized safety plans and safety maps, basic first aid, your emergency phone contacts, and any other information you need quickly, in the palm of your hand. No other app does that.

Our team includes a school administrator, business owners, former teachers, a surveillance and security specialist, a law enforcement officer, software programmers, web designers, and mothers and fathers.  Our combined experiences have resulted in the first-ever Safety Plan smartphone application.

Each feature of My SP app was developed with your safety paramount.

Our Services

What we provide

Safety Chat

The My SP Safety Chat allows users to have a secure method of communication between each other and a group feature for administration mass notification. The Safety Chat allows users to be messaged at once with no limit to how many messages can be sent in one group.

Emergency Map

The My SP App provides Emergency Maps for primary and secondary evacuation routes, locations of fire extinguishers, fire alarm pull stations’ location, emergency cut offs, and any additional information needed.

Safety Plan

All your safety plans with step-by-step instructions will be in the palm of your hand - accident, injury, evacuation, intruder and more.

Emergency Response

My SP App can provide your basic first aid information. Your My SP App Administrator will have the ability to customize information such as the locations of all AED’s in the building and a list of all CPR certified staff.

Our Services

What we provide

Sign into the My SP Platform

Log into your secure My Sp App Platform to upload information to your customized safety app.

Upload all safety information

Upload all safety plans, safety maps, users, and any other information needed in your app.

Begin using the app!

Download the My Sp App from the App Store and Play Store and log in using your My SP password.

My Sp App

About The App

Using the Latest Technology to Keep You & Your Students/Staff Safe

  • My Sp Platform

    My SP App provides a web based platform where your manager can customize your safety information according to your specific safety needs.

  • Available Anywhere Anytime

    My SP App is available anywhere you have your smartphone- classroom, playground, office, home, or fieldtrip. Your safety plans are with you at ALL Times! Even when the network is down…. It is available!

  • My Sp App has unlimited Downloads

    My SP App is located in the App Store and the Google Play Store. After the download, the My Sp App administrator will give you the access information for authentication.

  • Update Instantly

    As safety procedures or personnel contact numbers change, simply upload the changes in the My Sp App platform and ALL school personnel will have access to the changes…INSTANTLY!


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