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By utilizing a cloud environment, your safety information can be updated instantly by using the My SP App Platform. All that is required is that files are uploaded according to the My SP Platform requirements.


Safety App Home Screen

The user has the opportunity to select from a variety of options depending on the situation at hand. From viewing safety plans, maps, sending mass emergency alerts, general information, and a messaging feature called My Sp Safety Chat.

My Sp Safety Plans

The user has the opportunity to select from each of the safety plans that has been uploaded from the manager. This section is customized by the manager for the users to have access to all safety procedures.


Safety Maps

The user has the opportunity to view safety maps with evacuations and emergency cutoffs with the building. The My Sp App Manager customizes these maps for each user to have access,

Safety Chat

The My SP Safety Chat allows users to have a secure method of communication between each other and a group feature for administration mass notification. The Safety Chat allows users to be messaged at once with no limit to how many messages can be sent in one group.


General Information

This section of the app allows for the managers to place any information that maybe used on a regular basis. From calendars, important dates, MSDS sheets, schedules, and much more!

Alert Map

When an alert is sent from an employee, My Sp locates the employee and sends a map to all managers so the threat can be identified.


Why My SP

  • Customized Safety Plan App

    My SP App will provide your safety plans, in the palm of your hand - 24/7.

  • My SP App will provide your safety maps so you have access to emergency cutoffs, fire evacuations, and tornado procedures at ALL TIMES.

  • Connection

    My SP App will provide your emergency phone tree which has the ability to be set up into groups. You have the ability to text, send videos and pictures to anyone or any group at any time.

Why My SP

  • Unlimited Downloads

    My SP App is located in the App Store and the Google Play Store. After the download, the My Sp App Administrator will give you the school access information for authentication.

  • Update your Information 24/7

    As safety procedures or personnel contact numbers change, simply upload the changes in the My Sp App Platform and ALL school personnel will have access to the changes…INSTANTLY!

  • Available Anywhere Anytime

    My SP App is available anywhere you have your smartphone- classroom, playground, media center, home, or fieldtrip. Your safety plans are with you at ALL Times! Even when the network is down…. It is available!


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