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My Sp App was developed in 2013 by a school administrator who wanted to make safety plans more easily accessible. After working to provide the first ever smart phone application with this capability, My Sp is now available for many industries including Education, Business and Government Agencies. Whatever your industry, we have the experience to keep you safe.

Our number one purpose at My SP is to protect students, faculty, and staff. My SP provides customized safety plans and safety maps, basic first aid, your emergency phone contacts, and any other information you need quickly, in the palm of your hand. No other app does that.

Our team includes a school administrator, business owners, former teachers, a surveillance and security specialist, a law enforcement officer, software programmers, web designers, and mothers and fathers. Our combined experiences have resulted in the first-ever Safety Plan smartphone application.

Each feature of My SP app was developed with your safety paramount.

We use our emergency communication on a daily basis to disperse general information to our staff.

Our Vision

My Sp App is dedicated to making safety procedures readily available in all emergency situations.

Our Mission

My Sp App re-images safety. My Sp has redesigned how safety procedures are shared with staff while providing a secure connection for communication among all staff.


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